Why a Membership Club?

The Vicious Cycle

The statistics on health & fitness related change are depressing. For example, 90% of people who lose weight, gain it back. Why? Unfortunately, they apply a short-term solution to a long-term problem. They go on a diet, sign up for a 6 month “medically supervised” weight loss program, hire a personal trainer for a limited package of sessions, etc. In addition, they focus only on results. Short-term solutions can result in weight loss. But the body then adjusts, making additional weight loss difficult. Meanwhile, many stop doing what led to the weight loss in the first place. The weight then returns, typically more than was lost. Some will then pick a different short-term solution, while others will repeat the same one. The vicious cycle repeats.


Focusing on Change

So what do the 10% do? How do they successfully keep the weight off? Rather than focusing on the results, they focus on the CHANGE. Rather than cramming a short-term solution into their existing lifestyle, they actually CHANGE their lifestyle. And as the body adjusts, they continue to adjust their lifestyle. CHANGE becomes permanent, and therefore the results become permanent! This focus on CHANGE is vitally important to acheiving any health and fitness goal, not just weight loss.

”If you focus on results, you will never change. If you foccus on change, you will get results.”


A New Way of Doing It

Focusing on change is not a difficult concept to understand. It is a difficult concept to implement. That is why I evolved my business into a membership club, focused solely on long-term change as opposed to short-term results.

As a membership club, Fitness Home Delivery charges a monthly fee as opposed to selling a finite package of sessions with a short-term end date.  Meanwhile, the fee allows me to keep my total number of clients low, and therefore, the total number of sessions I offer per week low. This model is similar to concierge or VIP doctors who charge a yearly fee. Their patient count is lower than the typical physician and they can spend more time with each patient. Likewise, I have more time available for each client. I can properly prepare for each session and truly customize it to each client. I also have much more time to interact with clients OUTSIDE of sessions. This is vital and it is a key difference between myself and the typical personal trainer.  Remember, 80% of achieving most health and fitness related goals is related to mental exertion which primarily occurs OUTSIDE of the actual training session.

As one can see, this model is not the typical personal training model, but it is a superior one.  For those ready to embrace this change focused model, fill out the contact information below to setup a free consultation!



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